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Janelle Boyenga: Silicon Valley, CA

What do y’all think?

[Agent Website]

Denni Jordan: Miami, Florida


“Denni is a great Realtor and has been in the business since 2001. She owns Free 4 Renters, an Apartment Finding Service”

Hot and scary at the same time…dontcha think?

Jennifer Lysak: Lakeland, Florida

yes, yes, yes…HOT!

Agent Website

Rakel Margalit: Miami, Florida

Is okay…what do you think?

Agent Website

Georgina Ortiz: Irvine, California

Se habla Espanol! Me too…un poco. Chica caliente!

Agent Website

Hana [removed per request]: Belmont, North Carolina

Oh yes! Yum!

this one’s cuter in person and is really fit. most agents in the south are overweight.. I wonder why?

[photo removed per request]

Are you kidding, “in person”?

[website removed per request]

Chrissy Mayberry: Fairbanks, AK

Are you fucking kidding me?! How can someone so hot, work somewhere so desolate. We’re moving to Fairbanks. Jerrie is pretty hot too, but Chrissy takes the cake. Like their site says, “No Competition Here”. Amen!


Agent Website