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Janelle Boyenga: Silicon Valley, CA

What do y’all think?

[Agent Website]

Denni Jordan: Miami, Florida


“Denni is a great Realtor and has been in the business since 2001. She owns Free 4 Renters, an Apartment Finding Service”

Hot and scary at the same time…dontcha think?

Jennifer Lysak: Lakeland, Florida

yes, yes, yes…HOT!

Agent Website

Liliya Sag: San Diego, California

Keep those tips coming.

Agent Website

Rakel Margalit: Miami, Florida

Is okay…what do you think?

Agent Website

Georgina Ortiz: Irvine, California

Se habla Espanol! Me too…un poco. Chica caliente!

Agent Website

Hana [removed per request]: Belmont, North Carolina

Oh yes! Yum!

this one’s cuter in person and is really fit. most agents in the south are overweight.. I wonder why?

[photo removed per request]

Are you kidding, “in person”?

[website removed per request]